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As a leader within your practice...


You have many choices on how you maintain and grow your business. Call today to discuss our solution for you and your practice.
For talent attraction and retention, you don't have to choose between retained and contingency firms.

Peachtree Medical Consultants offers you the best of both types of search efforts. By providing the exceptional level of service from retained searches with the risk-free payment terms of contingency searches, you can rely on Peachtree Medical Consultants to find you the best candidates while minimizing you and your staff's involvement.  It is about saving time and money without sacrificing the quality of candidates. With decades of proven partnerships, our customized recruitment practice from sourcing through onboarding and everything in between, gives you a recruiting model with no upfront costs and maximum value. 

As a member of the National Coalition of Healthcare Recruiters, your opportunities will receive national exposure with local service. You'll also have opportunities shared within our extensive talent database from 25+ years in business. Through personal touch and attention, the quality of service and experience has proven value in your time and bottom line.

Our experience in the recruitment process has led us to providing additional support and guidance in marketing, human resources advisory and operational effectiveness.

Our clients have asked us to step into these areas because they recognize how critical their clinical talent impacts all areas of the practice​ In the current environment, employee attraction and retention is more important than ever. We recommend an exploratory discussion to understand how we can help you meet your desired outcomes and maximize the investments you're making with new hires.  Reach out to us today to design a program for you and your practice.

As a Job Candidate...


You want to work with a firm that can help to accelerate your career potential and growth.
Having someone who understands what practices hire for, and when, can make all the difference in your job search. 

Peachtree Medical Consultants understands our clients' preferred candidate training, practice philosophy and work ethic. We can save you time in your job search by quickly matching your practice desires with clients.  We won't share your information with a practice until you provide your consent.   Our professional approach will ensure you know up front what our client's offer you in their operations, growth opportunities and compensation plans. 

A transparent process can make all the difference for you as a physician, nurse practitioner, physicians assistant, registered nurse,  nurse manager or certified nurse midwife. We work with the practice to understand their hiring timelines, best way to communicate and special needs like contract negotiations or relocation concerns -- making our recruitment process more successful for everyone involved.  We can assist you in showcasing your skills and expertise so you can find an exception job opportunity aligned with your career potential and aspirations.

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