Does your Website reflect your Practice Goals? Is it time for an update?

Healthcare Consumers: The new reality

It used to be simple. Patients did what their doctors told them to and stayed with a medical practice

for a long time. But the new Healthcare consumer is different. Today, patients have more healthcare options, more information and more at stake when they make their decisions.

Physicians and hospitals are facing more challenges in running their practices, including a new, savvy

healthcare consumer who makes independent choices based on a whole new set of rules. It is no

longer enough to deliver good, quality healthcare to remain competitive or grow a practice. Today’s

discerning healthcare consumers, especially younger patients, consider brand reputation and patient

experience before physician referrals. In response, healthcare providers need to communicate the

organization’s competitive position and deliver the desired patient experience to connect with younger


New patients will visit your practice website and decide if they will even make an appointment. Is your website helping or hurting your practicec?

This is a new reality for healthcare practices, but for most consumer brands it has been

this way for nearly a century. More and more, patients shop for care much the way they do for other

goods and services. They actively research their healthcare alternatives to determine how and where

they will spend their care dollars.

Many times this research begins with an Internet search...... Is your website providing the information they need to choose your practice?

• 80% of all internet users (59% of American Adults) look up health information online.

• 25% of adults have watched a health video online.

• Blogs/Newsletters bring 55% more visitors to your website

Give some thought to what your website says about your practice.................

6 Goals of a Medical Website:

1. FIND YOU - Your practice website needs to be optimized to attract new patients to find you on-line

2. ESTABLISH REPUTATION (Your Brand) - Your website might be the first patient experience the new healthcare consumer has with your practice. Is your website conveying your practice reputation, goals and objectives?

3. PROMOTE SERVICES AND PRACTICE EXPERTISE: Many healthcare providers have been hesistant to "sell" their services but your website and it's content should educate patients about your practice, services and capabilities. Many patients will make a decision about your practice after one visit to your website.

4. EDUCATE: Current and future patients are looking to your practice website for a credible source of patient education. They want timely content to navigate their health and wellness. They are relying on you to gather this information and to encourage them to make good lifestyle choices. You don't have to create all the content but by directing them to additional resources, they come to your website first for information. This area of your website needs to be regularly updated.

5. CALL TO ACTION/NEXT STEP: Your website should have a clear strategy for your patient to take action. For example. 1) Set up their Patient Portal Account, 2) Call for a new appointment 3) Register for a preventative care appointments such as a flu shot. Is your website clear on how they can complete these actions?

6. IMPROVE OFFICE EFFICIENCY: With accurate information on your website, basic questions should be answered to reduce front office calls. Patients arrive with completed patient forms. Perhaps patients can pay their bills on-line. All these steps will reduce the workload for your practice thereby improving the efficiency of your office and increasing your profitablity.

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