Should I add a Nurse Practitioner or Physician Assistant to my Practice?

​​Hiring another physician for your practice may not be the only way make your practice more efficient or to grow practice revenue. Your decision may depend on your practice goals.

Increase Practice Efficiency - Do you currently have a full practice? What does a full practice actually mean? Are you meeting your goals as it relates to number of patients visits per week, number of procedures or surgeries per week?

Could you benefit from seeing more patients per day? Maybe hiring a physician assistant or nurse practitioner could free you up to spend more time in surgery and less time with with pre-op and post-op visits. Would you be more efficient if a physician assistant or nurse practitioner made initial rounds with patients and helped you prioritize your time?

In a primary care setting, would your patients rather see a physician assistant or nurse practitioner for some visits (urgent care, minor illness, shots, etc.) so you have the opportunity to spend more time with them for a thorough physical exam or a more difficult case?

Hiring a physician assistant or nurse practitioner can give you the opportunity to become more efficient with your time while providing a very high level of patient care. You supervise the physician assistant or nurse practitioner so you are intimately involved in their patients and can be brought in for difficult cases or if a situation requires your attentions.

Working with a physician assistant or nurse practitioner can allow you to be in two places at once and help you maximize your time.

Reduce Practice Overhead - Not ready for the cost of an additional physician (salary, benefits, profit sharing, etc) but would like to reduce your provider overhead?

You can add another provider for a lower cost by adding a physician assistant or nurse practitioner. Many times they will see as many patients as a physician provider but at a lower cost.

Increase Revenue - A physician assistant or nurse practitioner will bring in more patients to your practice and increase your individual practice by freeing up your time for more procedures/surgeries and difficult cases.

Expand the Practice with a Satellite Office - Do you see an opportunity to expand your practice into a nearby community but can’t be in two places at once. Most physician assistants or nurse practitioners can work autonomously with your supervision. You might be able to rotate through two practice locations more efficiently.

For a more in-depth discussion of the benefits of physician assistants or nurse practitoners, contact Peachtree Medical Consultants, Inc. We can develop a recruitment plan designed with your practice goals in mind.

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