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Peachtree Medical Consultants, Inc. is a full service physician, mid-level practitioner and nurse recruiting firm, which also provides practice marketing services to assist the newly hired provider in maximizing their practice revenue.


  • Physician Recruiting - We can help you recruit a physician in all specialties in a timely manner.  Whether you would like to hire immediately or plan for the future, we are available for all your recruitment needs.

  • Mid-level Recruiting - We have successfully placed nurse practitioners, nurse midwives, physician assistants, and nurse managers with our clients. 

  • Nurse Recruiting - We have worked with our long-term clients to assist in recruiting registered nurses as well as Nurse Managers

  • Provider Marketing and Promotion - Once you hire a provider, it is imperative you have a good marketing strategy in place to maximize their potential.  We can work with you to develop an individual plan as well as an overall marketing plan for your entire practice.


Physician Recruiting

Are you ready to grow your practice?


During our initial meeting, we will gather information on the following:


  • Candidate Criteria - We will discuss your desire in a candidate including training, practice philosophy, and work ethic.

  • Practice Profile - We will gather information to provide an in-depth profile of your practice to candidates.  Obtaining information on your practice philosophy, operations, partnership track, compensation plans are key to finding you the best possible candidate for your practice.

  • Hospital & Community Profile -  We will go the extra step to provide a comprehensive view to your potential candidates including information on the community and admitting hospitals.

  • Recruiting Timeline & Communication Process – Understanding your hiring timeline and the best way to communicate with you will be a key factor in recruiting success.


Our on-going recruiting and communication process will provide you with keen insight into the key decision factors of your candidates and will help you complete the employment contracting process in a timely and effective manner.


  • Contract Negotiation -  We can help you sort out any outstanding contract issues as you negotiate with your candidate.  As a third-party, we can help both sides better understand each concern and find mutual agreement.

  • Relocation Concerns - If you are considering out of town candidates, we can help you monitor the relocation process including rental and real estate discussions and other relocation efforts.  We can also help candidate spouses with their relocation concerns.


Mid-level and Nurse Recruiting

Are you considering Nurse Practitioner or Physician Assistant for your practice?  Or, possibly hiring one for the first time?


We can help you with recruiting Nurse Practitioners, Physicians Assistants or Certified Nurse Midwives.  Some of our clients have also asked us to recruit Nurse Managers for their practices.  We are a full-service recruiting firm committed to helping you find the right candidates to grow your practice.  Perhaps you are also looking for additional staff nurses.


We focus on mid-level practitioner recruiting with the same level of detail and excellence as our physician recruiting at a lower fee.


Provider Promotion and Marketing

You hired the “right” physician or mid-level practitioner for your practice, now how do you maximize his/her potential?


Our firm can also assist you in developing a marketing strategy for your new provider.


We offer a full-range of services: