Frequently Asked Questions


What is the difference between a Retained and Contingency Firm?

A retained firm will charge you an upfront fee to begin a customized recruiting process.  You will pay thousands of dollars to a firm with no guarantee they will find you the right candidate.  Retained firms will suggest they need upfront fees to provide a high level of service.


A contingency firm may send you multiple Curriculum Vitae (CVs) but may not screen the candidates or know any details on your practice to insure candidates are qualified and interested in your specific opportunity.  You may waste valuable time with this approach by working with multiple recruiters who may not be successful.


Why choose Peachtree Medical Consultants, Inc. over all the other firms?

Would you like to experience the high level of service offered by a retained firm but only pay a fee if you hire a candidate similar to a contingency firm?


Then you should hire Peachtree Medical Consultants, Inc., which offers a proven recruitment process customized for your practice with no upfront costs.


Peachtree Medical Consultants will save you time and money.  All candidates presented to you will be thoroughly pre-screened to meet your practice criteria and every candidate will receive in-depth information on your practice to insure they are interested in your practice before you call them.


Why use a small recruiting firm over a national recruiting firm?

Peachtree Medical Consultants, Inc. (PMC)  offers a personal touch that large firms cannot offer your practice.  You will work with one recruiter who completely understands your practice and your candidate criteria.  PMC will develop an in depth practice profile on your practice to provide to candidates.  Clients work with PMC year after year because they save time and money.


PMC is a member of the National Coalition of Healthcare Recruiters which offers national exposure for your practice opportunity by networking with over 100 independent recruiters nationwide.  Working with PMC offers your practice  with the best of both worlds; personal service with nationwide access.


How do I get started with the recruiting process?

We have a standard engagement agreement that outlines our pricing terms if you hire one of our candidates.  Once the agreement is executed, we will begin to customize the recruiting process for your practice.


Your PMC recruiter will design a program based on your candidate criteria and the specific needs of your practice.  We will begin advertising through job boards, physician networks and associations.  We will access candidates via our extensive physician database developed over 20 years of recruiting.  Your recruiter will also reach out to the large network of independent physician recruiters across the country to make sure your practice has access the best candidates available.


Can you help me with negotiating the contract with the candidate?

By including us in your negotiation process, we can help you determine the key decision factors for a candidate and help you maximize your time and efforts in securing an executed employment contract.


We would recommend you work with a practice management company to develop and negotiate your practice employment agreement.  We can provide a list of highly recommended companies to provide additional contract assistance.